Friday, May 24, 2013

Smooth-as-a-baby's-ass-feet: Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate

I "like" several beauty pages on Facebook, and I cannot remember which one posted a status about this amazing product, but I remember thinking, "Laura!" Laura is my sister, and her birthday is this month. For birthdays and Christmases I tend to give Laura products I love that I want her to try. Products that I know she won't buy for herself, i.e. Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes mascara, Clinique's All About Eyes eye cream, or anything from Sephora that I think she needs in her life.

The amazing product in question is Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate. Baby Foot is the name of the company. They don't just have two "foots" in the name...that would be stupid. I had never tried this foot product, but I thought of my sister because she has extremely dry, cracked feet despite using the foot file I told you guys about in this blog and lotioning her feet every night. She won't get pedicures because she doesn't trust the cleanliness of any salon, and doesn't want to get a fungus. If she didn't look like my father, I'd swear we weren't related. I adore getting pedicures. Omg, soooo weird. I used to work in a salon, and she doesn't like them....and she's a teacher who works in an elementary school, and I hate kids!! That's like that Kennedy/Lincoln thing.

She used to shave her feet with a foot razor, but has been forbidden by all of us ("us" being my mother & me) since an incident a few years ago when she shaved too much skin off and caused a nasty wound.  I bet she still uses them though. She sucks at listening. Another trait we don't share since I am a perfect daughter. But seriously, I am expressly against foot razors. Your feet come into contact with the ground. You should avoid wounds on your feet at all costs.

Okay, so the reason this product is so Laura-friendly is because of it's simplicity. You may also be a Laura if you have children and/or a career and no time for a pedi, or if you also have a salon phobia. For the cost of a pedicure ($25) you get two plastic booties that contain liquid stuff. You wash your feet, wear these booties for an hour, wash your feet again, and that's it. No lotions or moisturizing soap on your feet from this point on until your feet are done completely shedding skin (which is about a week).

The booties

I couldn't just give my only sister this for her birthday without testing it out first. That would be inconsiderate and thoughtless. I am a selfless, giving little I bought a pack for myself too. The directions couldn't have been more simple. I teamed those with what I had read in reviews on this product on Makeup Alley; everyone seemed to agree to no lotion and no moisturizing soaps for the duration of the peel.

I washed my feet with the only non-moisturizing soap I have which is my Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar (because even my dish-soap has moisturizing qualities....I wash a lot of dishes. I don't need grandma hands at 30.) After drying them, I put on the plastic booties, and then sat on the couch and played Hanging With Friends for an hour because it was awkward to walk in the booties, and it freaked my dog out. Toward the end of the hour, my feet felt tingly and a teeny tiny bit on the burny side, but nothing unbearable or painful. After the hour was up, I rinsed and washed my feet again with my Neutrogena bar soap. I did NOT apply lotion, just some socks.

After three days, my feet weren't doing anything. They just looked dryer and way more crackier (yeah, I just invented that word) than usual. I was like, "I KNEW it! No way this shit works so awesome like everyone says." On day four however, while showering, I noticed that the bottom of my feet were shedding like a snake. It was gross. I remember also reading to NOT help the peeling along by pulling off the skin. I resisted....which was hard....but I wanted to be able to give you all (and Laura) an honest opinion of the product. I sacrifice so much for you guys.

The next day, even more gross peeling! I was snapping pics with my iPhone not realizing that these pics were going to the cloud. My husband was like, "what are these nasty feet pictures on our cloud?" Those would be mine, dear heart.

The end result was a more thorough beautification of my winter feet than a pedicure has ever given me. Would I buy and use this product once a month in place of a pedicure? Probably not...but only because I don't need a complete shedding every month. I would do it at the end of winter/start of spring, and then maintain my feet with lotion and vaseline. I get pedicures infrequently, but I always get one right before sandal season. As I said, this peel is way more efficient and produces way better results than a post-winter pedi has ever accomplished on my feet.

 4 days after I wore the booties

Day #5 gross!!

Day's almost done

Day #7

On Day #10, I finally took my shower poof to my feet and scrubbed the shit out of them. I also lotioned them for the first time since I started this his whole process. There was still dead skin in my heel cracks, but overall as I stated above, this is a good way to shed your winter feet. After taking the below pic, I used my pumice foot file and all the dead skin came off my heels.

Tadaaaaa! Yes, my pink polka-dot leggings are my favorite jammies.

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